10 Recipes for Easter

Celebrating Easter for me is synonymous with a festive and extensive breakfast enjoyed with the family. With simple dishes, prepared with loving care and some extra attention to the styling and presentation. And needless to say that Easter means eggs, both the normal and chocolate version please.

No matter how you celebrate, you will definitely find something suitable in this selection. These recipes are a mix of traditional breakfast dishes, sweet treats and savory snacks that are perfect for a delicious Easter gathering. Enjoy!



easter cinnamon brown sugar cookies TLT
Easter Cookies (cinnamon brown sugar cookies, almost too cute to eat)


toast avocado poached egg (brood avocado gepocheerd ei)


Poached Egg on Avocado Toast (ultimate comfort to start the day)



mini pavlovas TLT


Mini Pavlovas (substitute rhubarb or passion fruit for the pomegranate)





Mandarin & Almond Cakes (delicious cake without butter or oil)






Banana Oat Muffins (a healthy sweet treat that will please everyone)




zucchini goat cheese cake TLT


Savory cake (add your favorite ingredients to this original loaf)




mini scones TLT


Mini Scones (these elegant small treats are perfect on your Easter table)




baked eggs tomato parmesan (eieren in tomatensaus)


Baked Eggs (a original egg dish that cooks itself)




yogurt brulee yoghurt


Yogurt Brulee (a pretty and healthy version of the classic dessert)





Golden Egg Salad (the perfect spread for Easter)





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