Yogurt Creations

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When I was in New York last summer, I noticed several trendy new yogurt stores that really put yogurt into the spotlight. And if I look at the popularity of the newly opened Yogurt Barn in Utrecht, it seems that the Dutch are embracing this trend too.
While yogurt as a product has always been popular in Dutch households, the focus on this dairy product in trendy hospitality concepts is new. My guess is the increasing popularity of healthy, real and basic food is behind this development and being a yogurt-lover myself, I’m more than happy to welcome it!

I especially love the creaminess and freshness of thick Greek (or Turkish) yogurt and use it pretty much every day in both sweet and savory dishes. While I love making fancy desserts when I have the time, I prefer quick and easy fixes for busy weekdays. Yogurt combined with a few ingredients is ideal for that purpose, especially if you use unusual combinations and flavors that turn your ordinary bowl into something just a little more exiting.

Take this yogurt with raspberries and ginger syrup for instance: the fruits (I use frozen in winter) add sweetness and soft contrast, while the syrup adds a pleasant aromatic stickiness.


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I’ve listed 10 combinations of only two ingredients that will spice up your yogurt. It’s a quick breakfast, portable snack-in-a-jar or delicious dessert made in seconds!


10 yogurt ideas TLT

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