Comfort food

I think my excitement about Spring was a little too early. The winter may be officially over, but the temperature, rain and grey skies definitely tell me otherwise. Coats and boots instead of summer dresses and sandals for now.

And warming comfort food instead of crispy salads and cold drinks. It’s a good reason to enjoy these 10 comforting dishes once more though!




Two Ingredient Flatbreads

Comfort means bread for dipping. These are made in minutes.




Risi e Bisi

All the comfort of a risotto, but no stirring required.



baked sweet potato


Sweet Baked Potato with Goat Cheese

The oven does all the work (that’s comforting in itself) and the combination of sweet potato with tangy goat cheese never fails.



Baked Potato with Smoked Salmon

Another easy baked potato, with soft cream cheese and smoked salmon.




pumpkin pasta tagliatelle


Creamy Pumpkin Pasta

Pumpkin, Parmesan, Pasta. Enough said.



cottage pies


Individual Cottage Pies

Very cheesy mash on top of savory ground beef.



spicy peanut chicken


Spicy Peanut Chicken

Creamy, nutty chicken with a spicy kick.



fried gnocchi roastini


Roastini (Fried Gnocchi)

My favorite side dish. It’s like instant roast potatoes.



baked chicken nuggets


Baked Chicken Nuggets

Comfort food, even chicken nuggets, can be elegant too!



pasta with tomato sauce


Perfect Tomato Sauce

Pasta with this sauce is as comforting as it gets.




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