Two Ingredient Flatbreads

The Mexicans have tortillas (with their endless possibilities: burritos, enchiladas, fajitas…), India has thick and chewy naan bread, in Sweden they use tünnbrod and then there’s the Middle Eastern lavash or pide…

All are delicious ways to replace our standard cutlery. Because, let’s be honest: everything tastes better when you eat it with some flatbread.


These flatbreads are very, very easy to make and require online two ingredients and some salt. They are based on a recipe from Jamie Oliver and I’ve already made them several times this week.

These two ingredient flatbreads are great with a curry, falafel or with some hummus and other dips. And if you roll them out a bit flatter, they can be used as tortillas or wraps as well.





Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

4 Flatbreads



1 1/3 cup (about 160 gr) self-raising flour
5 oz. (140 gr) yogurt (I used a thicker variety)
a good sprinkle of sea salt


  1. Mix all the ingredients together by hand, or use a food processor. Mix until you have a dough. If the consistency is too wet: add extra flour, if too dry: add some water.
  2. Dust your work surface with some flour and knead the dough for a minute.
  3. Divide into 4 pieces.
  4. Roll the pieces out into rounds about the size of a side-plate (or roll them out thinner if you wanna use them as wraps).
  5. Put a griddle pan on a high heat and let it get really hot. Then cook each flatbread for about 2-3 minutes per side, or until puffy and somewhat charred.

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