Sarah Britton is the author of the immensely popular blog My New Roots and the recently published cookbook that carries the same title. ‘Inspiring plant-based recipes for every season’ is the subtitle and that …

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behind the scenes juni 2015

Time for a peek behind the scenes!     Last month I showed the cover of my Dutch ‘All-day breakfast’ book and that was a pretty exciting moment to me. I loved how enthusiastic everyone …

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new restaurants amsterdam TLT

Way too long ago, so it’s about time for a new list! Check out the new restaurants and culinary hotspots in Amsterdam you really shouldn’t miss. In no particular order:


  It didn’t stop with the fresh almond-lemon meringue tarts I baked last time. There was a bowl of homemade dulce de leche sitting in my fridge, I always have a (not so secret) stash …

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  The rhubarb season is full on its way, so now is the perfect time to use this soft pink vegetable. I absolutely love the slightly sour taste of these stalks and think they’re just …

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Time for a peek behind the scenes at TLT!